Hide Last Online Time on Facebook

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In this post I’m going to show you the steps to do so that your Facebook friends won’t know the last time since you’ve logged in and so that they won’t know how long since you have been active on Facebook.

By default, Facebook shows the last time a Facebook friend last logged in online. Facebook shows when a person is currently online and how long it’s been since they were last active on Facebook – by the minute!

Also, even if your friend appears offline on chat (because they turned the FB chat off), they can still see when you have been last online/ active on FB.

You can see this on the chat box at bottom right corner of your desktop:

FB Friends Last Time Active or Online
FB Friends Last Time Active or Online

As you can see in my image above, My FB chat was off. (It says “Turn on chat” to see who’s available). On the left side are the redacted names of my Facebook friends and across their names, Facebook is showing when they were last online or last active. Facebook tells us the amount of time a user is online and last active – (per minute up to 59 minutes then by the hour up to 23 hours and then by day up to 2 days).

I had to search all around Facebook and google on how to remove this default setting, and tried a few of the suggestions. A few did not work, until I came across the instructions that actually work.

First, I want to show you what DID NOT WORK (to save you time):

Hide Last Online Time on Facebook Q&A
Hide Last Online Time on Facebook Q&A

The steps they suggest on there says (remember that this did not work – it was missing the step I will show you below):

On Facebook, go to Settings —>Security—>where you’re logged in and then log out of all devices. When you are logged out of all devices, the time goes away from your name in the chat box until you sign in again. There will be nothing beside your name until the next time you log in.

As long as you have devices logged in with apps, it will show last time you logged in. You have to log out of everything to not show the last time.

  • The second thing that did not work was Logging off on all devices then unchecking “If I’m online” in “Apps Others Use” –> I am attaching screenshots of my trial and error experiment to show that I did actually try this “solution” and it did not work. This “solution” showed up when I googled “How to hide how long i’ve been on Facebook” and “Hide last active on Facebook”.
Facebook Log Out Of All Sessions
Facebook Log Out Of All Sessions
Apps Others Use - If I'm Online
Apps Others Use – If I’m Online
  • The third one, I did not try because I did not want to buy an Amazon Kindle:

Here’s the Facebook comment where the user was suggesting to buy an Amazon Kindle because it has a browser that you can use that disables FB chat: Here’s what the person said:

Comment about Amazon browser on Kindle
Comment about Amazon browser on Kindle

It can be done, it absolutely can be done, you can go on Facebook and be utterly undetected by all if you want to, no last time stamp/last seen active on fb/messenger etc, when you were last logged in, if you don’t want to be harassed by that one annoying person or just want privacy all round… And no not through the pathetic chat settings that do NOT work!!!! … You need to get the Amazon kindle fire hd, on that tablet it uses it’s own browser called ‘Amazon silk’, Amazon use their own unique set of network servers, due to this it doesn’t happen to support the chat feature/time stamp etc on the fb website at all, hence making it impossible for anyone to detect when active live using fb, but you can still send and receive messages (undetected), and everything else is as normal and good as desktop version, it simply just doesn’t support that chat, chat box, online status, last active, time stamp feature on the fb website at silk at all, No chat box is seen in bottom right hand corner either, it just doesn’t exist, this is 100% for sure and the only way I think. BTW no other web browser will out there will work this way on desktop or mobile on PC or Mac.

It’s also funny to read all the frustrated comments on Facebook because actually I was one of them. Here are some of the funny Facebook comments about hiding and disabling this Facebook “feature:”

Here are also some of the funny comments in the discussion about “how to disable last online time” – “hide last active facebook” – “hide facebook last active online” – “disable last active status on facebook”:

Hide last active online facebook
Hide last active online facebook forum

These are what they said in the discussion above:

1. Simply you can’t because the last time was online is a feature on Facebook you can’t just disable it.
2. It’s Feb. 29, still nothing?! WTFather*ng shite.
3. I’ve tried everything too. NOTHING works. my friends can still see when I was last on line.
4. Everytime you log in all your friends can see EVEN IF CHAT IS OFF!!!
6. Has “facebook” actually answered this question yet? it would be nice to have a definitive answer por favor. He “facebook” in case you were wondering that is Spanish for please. Please reply


Anyway, Here is the solution that Works:

Hide Last Online Time on Facebook:

This solution involves logging out of all your devices except your browser. It also involves turning off Facebook chat and getting a free adware blocker and adding the facebook chat url in the addresses that the adblocker will filter.

Using this free app on your browser, after you’ve logged out of all your other devices, will ensure that they won’t see when you’ve last logged in and when you were last online and they also wont see that you are currently logged in.

Unfortunately, the moment you log back in to Facebook using your phone or tablet or FB messenger app, your Facebook friends will again see that you are online or when you have last been active.

Okay here are the steps to disable showing the Last Time You Were on FB:

Step 1.  Log Out Of All Devices: 

This makes sure that you are logged out of Facebook and FB Messenger on all your other devices except your computer browser.

Go to Settings:

Facebook Settings
Facebook Settings

Then go to Security and Login:

Facebook Security and Login
Facebook Security and Login

Click on Log Out Of All Sessions, then click Log Out when that window pops up:

Log Out of All Sessions
Log Out of All Sessions

Step 2: Log Out of Facebook Chat/ Turn OFF Facebook Chat:

It is in the bottom right section of your Facebook window on the browser.

Turn Off Facebook Chat
Turn Off Facebook Chat

Step 3: Install Adblocker and Filtering the Facebook chat:

Note: I was still able to message people after this:

A.  Hide Last Online Time on Facebook:

Step a: Go to https://adblockplus.org/

According to Wikipedia, Adblock Plus (ABP) is an open-source content-filtering and ad blocking extension developed by Eyeo GmbH, a German oftware development company. The extension has been released for Mozilla Firefox (including Firefox for mobile), Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge (beta version), Opera, Safari, Yandex Browser and Android.

Step b: Download and Install it on your browser:

Click on Agree and Install for Firefox (or Chrome) – it automatically detects your browser.

Hide FB online activity using adblockplus
Hide FB online activity using adblockplus

Step c: Click on Allow then Click on Install:

Click Install

Step d: After the installation, you will see the red icon on the top right corner of your browser. Click on that red adblock plus icon dropdown, then Click on Filter Preferences:

Filter Preferences

Step e: click on the Custom Filter Tab (see image below)

Step f: click on Add Filter Group (add any name – I typed in facebook)

Step g: click on Add Filter

Step h: add the line https://*-edge-chat.facebook  in the space provided for the filter rule

Add Facebook Chat Filter
Add Facebook Chat Filter

After this step, I asked my roommate to log in and see if they could see that I am online and active on Facebook. They didn’t. The software did successfully hide my last active status on Facebook.

But, unfortunately, after I logged in using my facebook app on my phone later on, it started showing that I am active again. So this is actually only useful if you only access Facebook using a browser with the  blocker installed.

You can also use a browser on a tablet or a phone and uninstall Facebook and FB messenger app and only use Facebook on a browser if you really want to hide this “feature”.

Here’s a video that shows the install on a Chrome browser and it did show how effective it is by testing whether they can be seen as active and online:


Facebook Comments

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