Bank or Western Union? The Cheaper Way to Sending Money

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I had to send a few thousand dollars to the Philippines and wanted to find out whether sending through Western Union or a wire transfer with a bank saves me more money.

I know that a lot of people would like to know because some of you want to send a large amount of money for investments, paying for large purchases, or even for family support.

When you’re sending over a thousand dollars, the Western Union’s website (at least the Canada Western Union one) does not provide clear details on how much exactly the fees are. The fee varies depending on the amount of money you are sending – but it isn’t clear as to how much.

Also, they use two different sites depending on whether you are sending more or less than a thousand dollars (Equal/less than $999.99 dollars to quote them exactly).

Western Union: Sending Money Equal or Below $999.99 Canadian Dollars:

I noticed that Western Union charges more expensive fees if you send money online as compared to sending through an agent location.. It is definitely cheaper to send through and agent location than WU online. In the Western Union website,

I tested how much they would charge for sending $900 Canadian dollars, and it said that the fee was $68 dollars. Continue reading “Bank or Western Union? The Cheaper Way to Sending Money”