Easily Convert Regular Ebay Links to Ebay Affiliate Links

Regular ebay links to ebay affiliate links

Ebay Affiliate Link Not Working:

As I was creating my price comparison, ecommerce website, I was testing whether my Ebay affiliate links were working.  (I am using WordPress Woocommerce and comparing product prices between Amazon and Ebay for visitors).

On my site’s product page, when I clicked on the ebay link, it did direct me to the product on Ebay, but when I looked at the ebay URL on the top, my Ebay EPN campaign id was not showing. The URL was only showing the item ID. I know I needed to have the campaign ID so that I get affiliate credit from Ebay. The link in the URL without the campaign ID is shown below:

Item ID only, no Ebay campaign ID
No Ebay campaign ID

I went back to the ebay developer’s page to make sure that I pasted the correct Ebay Application ID (appID) – and that it was the app ID for production and not sandbox. I made sure that I am using the proper Ebay EPN Campaign ID. These two things are needed for the WordPress plugin that I use to fetch Ebay products on my WordPress interface.

Anyway, those two item numbers (for Ebay AppID and Campaign ID) were both correct.

So I went and logged in to my Ebay EPN Account to make sure and see how the affiliate links should look like. Continue reading “Easily Convert Regular Ebay Links to Ebay Affiliate Links”