Hide Last Online Time on Facebook

Hide Last Active Status on Facebook

In this post I’m going to show you the steps to do so that your Facebook friends won’t know the last time since you’ve logged in and so that they won’t know how long since you have been active on Facebook.

By default, Facebook shows the last time a Facebook friend last logged in online. Facebook shows when a person is currently online and how long it’s been since they were last active on Facebook – by the minute! Continue reading “Hide Last Online Time on Facebook”

Easily Convert Regular Ebay Links to Ebay Affiliate Links

Regular ebay links to ebay affiliate links

Ebay Affiliate Link Not Working:

As I was creating my price comparison, ecommerce website, I was testing whether my Ebay affiliate links were working.  (I am using WordPress Woocommerce and comparing product prices between Amazon and Ebay for visitors).

On my site’s product page, when I clicked on the ebay link, it did direct me to the product on Ebay, but when I looked at the ebay URL on the top, my Ebay EPN campaign id was not showing. The URL was only showing the item ID. I know I needed to have the campaign ID so that I get affiliate credit from Ebay. The link in the URL without the campaign ID is shown below:

Item ID only, no Ebay campaign ID
No Ebay campaign ID

I went back to the ebay developer’s page to make sure that I pasted the correct Ebay Application ID (appID) – and that it was the app ID for production and not sandbox. I made sure that I am using the proper Ebay EPN Campaign ID. These two things are needed for the WordPress plugin that I use to fetch Ebay products on my WordPress interface.

Anyway, those two item numbers (for Ebay AppID and Campaign ID) were both correct.

So I went and logged in to my Ebay EPN Account to make sure and see how the affiliate links should look like. Continue reading “Easily Convert Regular Ebay Links to Ebay Affiliate Links”

Bank or Western Union? The Cheaper Way to Sending Money

bank western union

I had to send a few thousand dollars to the Philippines and wanted to find out whether sending through Western Union or a wire transfer with a bank saves me more money.

I know that a lot of people would like to know because some of you want to send a large amount of money for investments, paying for large purchases, or even for family support.

When you’re sending over a thousand dollars, the Western Union’s website (at least the Canada Western Union one) does not provide clear details on how much exactly the fees are. The fee varies depending on the amount of money you are sending – but it isn’t clear as to how much.

Also, they use two different sites depending on whether you are sending more or less than a thousand dollars (Equal/less than $999.99 dollars to quote them exactly).

Western Union: Sending Money Equal or Below $999.99 Canadian Dollars:

I noticed that Western Union charges more expensive fees if you send money online as compared to sending through an agent location.. It is definitely cheaper to send through and agent location than WU online. In the Western Union website, https://www.westernunion.com/ca/en/send-money/start.html.html

I tested how much they would charge for sending $900 Canadian dollars, and it said that the fee was $68 dollars. Continue reading “Bank or Western Union? The Cheaper Way to Sending Money”

Viglink 101 (Images and Video Tutorial)

Site/ App Category

What Is Viglink?
How Does Viglink Work?
How to Sign Up for Viglink?
How to Install Viglink on Your Website:
How to Install Viglink on WordPress?
How Install Viglink on Blogger?
Viglink Video Tutorial:
Check if Viglink is Working:

What Is Viglink?

  • Viglink is a service that connects web publishers and bloggers with affiliate advertising solutions.
  • After you’ve set up Viglink on your site, Viglink will automatically pay you when people buy the brands and products you write about.
  • It is free to join Viglink.

How Viglink Works:

  • After signing up with VigLink and configuring your site or app to work with Viglink, you can automatically monetize links to over 30,000 cooperating merchants. Merchants include big named products in every industry from electronics, shoes, clothing, health and beauty products to online ecommerce stores like Amazon and Ebay,
  • VigLink Convert, their product that converts ordinary links into monetized links, works on existing links across all of your pages. It can also work for links distributed in your RSS feeds.
  • As your audience visits your site or app in a shopping frame of mind, you deserve to earn revenue from the purchases you drive. VigLink makes this possible.
  • VigLink keeps a percentage of the revenue they earn for your website. For VigLink Convert, they keep 25% and pay you 75% of the income from the merchants.
  • Existing affiliate links on your website are not touched and you benefit from the maximum compensation possible for your traffic.
  • After you’ve signed up, you can sign in to viglink.com to check your dashboard where they provide reports for all the clicks leaving your site. Your Viglink dashboard gives you insight into where your readers are going, what links on your site are most lucrative, what pages or posts earn the most, and what products people are buying.

How to Sign Up for Viglink:

    • Go to Viglink.com and click on Sign Up.
    • Type in your Email address:
Viglink Sign Up Page
Viglink Sign Up Page

wait for Viglink Email

  • After you have given them your email address, check your email inbox to for the Viglink verification email. Click on the verification link in their email to you. In the sample email below, the link is in blue and says “this link.”
Email from Viglink Signup
Email from Viglink
  • When you click on the Viglink verification link, you will be presented with the Viglink Account Setup where you will set your Viglink password. Click on Create Account after you have filled out their online form and clicked Yes on Viglink terms of service and privacy policy.
Viglink Account SetUp
Viglink Account SetUp
  • After that, Viglink will ask for your contact information.
Viglink Contact Info
Viglink Input Contact Info
  • Once you have given Viglink your contact information and mailing address, you will be presented with your initial campaign page:
Viglink Campaign
Viglink Campaign
  • You can choose any name for your Viglink campaign/s. You may want to use a name related to your website or blog. Choose your Type of site or app, choose your site or app Category, then choose your site or app platform:
Viglink Site or App Type
Site or App Type
Site/ App Category
Site/ App Category
Site or App Platform for Viglink
Site or App Platform
  • After you have clicked on complete sign up, you will be presented with the Viglink (javascript) code that you will have to put on your website.
Viglink code for your website
Viglink code for your website
  • Copy and paste the code that Viglink will provide before your website’s </body> tag.
  • If you cannot find the </body> tag on your website, there might be an easier way to install their script on your website. See tutorial below on how to install Viglink on your WordPress or Blogger site.

How to Install Viglink on Your Website:

– Copy and paste the Viglink code before your website’s </body> tag.

  • Installing Viglink through Your WordPress Dashboard:
    • Login to your WordPress site
    • Go to Plugins
    • Click on Add New
    • Search for Viglink
Viglink WordPress Install
Viglink WordPress Install
  • Click on Install, then click on Activate
  • After this, you will need your Viglink API Key to be pasted on your WordPress plugin settings.
  •  You can get your Viglink API Key by going to your Viglink account https://publishers.viglink.com/account then scroll down below your information, you will see your campaign API code.  See how it looks like below (I redacted my code numbers and Viglink campaign name).
Viglink API
Viglink API
  • Copy this API key code and paste it on your Viglink WordPress Plugin
  • To Find Where to Paste Your Viglink API Key, go to your WordPress dashboard, click on Settings >> Viglink
Viglink Settings on WordPress
Viglink Settings on WordPress
  • On the Viglink Settings page, you may paste your Viglink API key then click on Save Changes:
Paste Viglink API Key on WordPress settings
Paste Viglink API Key

Note: You can also go directly to Viglink’s WordPress plugin page, download their plugin from there, install it on your WordPress site. Then, follow the above instructions after the Viglink plugin activation.

  • Open your blogger dashboard, log in, and click on the name of the blog where you want to have Viglink.
  • Select “Layout” from the menu on the left.
Blogger Layout
Blogger Layout
  • Click the “Add a Gadget” link that’s closest to the bottom of the page.
  • From the gadget list, under “basics”, select the HTML/JavaScript gadget.
Paste Viglink HTML/ Javascript on Blogger
HTML/ Javascript on Blogger
  • Go to your Viglink Dashboard >>Manage >> Install. In this page, you will see the Viglink script. Copy that  Viglink script (that will be pasted on your blogger)
Viglink code for your website
Viglink code for your website
  • Paste the script on your blogger HTML section (Content section):
Paste Viglink code on Blogger
Paste Viglink code on Blogger
  • Click on SAVE.

Viglink Video Tutorial:

Check if Viglink is installed on your Website:

  • To check if Viglink is installed and working on your website, go to your Viglink dashboard > https://publishers.viglink.com  then go to Manage > Install then scroll down to the ‘Check your installation’ section, type in your website url, (your website where you have pasted/ installed your Viglink script), then click on Check to see if it is actually installed.
  • You will see a green check mark saying Viglink is installed! if you did it right.
Check if Viglink is Working
Check if Viglink is Working

How to Get your Amazon Access Key ID and Amazon Secret Access Key:

Amazon Access Key id and Secret Access Key

Summary: I got my Amazon Access Key ID and Secret Access Key for free using my Amazon affiliate account.

(Skip intro and go to the Step by Step Instructions below:)

I purchased a WordPress plugin that fetches Amazon products directly through my WordPress post interface.  I am running an Amazon affiliate WordPress ecommerce online store. The plugin is supposed to help me populate my Amazon affiliate website faster. But, in order to make the plugin work and connect with my actual Amazon account (so I get my commission), I needed an Amazon Access Key ID and Amazon Secret Access Key.

According to Amazon, “the Product Advertising API provides programmatic access to Amazon’s product selection and discovery functionality so that developers can advertise Amazon products to monetize your website.

The Amazon Product Advertising API gives us access to Amazon’s selection of millions of products in different categories such as books, music, digital downloads, electronics and more from Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, Amazon.fr, Amazon.es, Amazon.it, Amazon.co.jp, Amazon.cn, Amazon.in …”

In short, the Amazon API enables our plugin to search for products, product information, rating and other features using our Amazon account.

Here’s How I did it Step by Step:

Continue reading “How to Get your Amazon Access Key ID and Amazon Secret Access Key:”